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奇幻文學季 : 神的後裔—波西傑克森 Percy Jackson & the Olympians

《波西傑克森》(Percy Jackson & the Olympians)是美國作家雷克·萊爾頓的系列奇幻文學作品,全系列共有五集,已翻譯成全球三十餘國語言版本,是世界上暢銷的小說系列之一,也是美國總統歐巴馬推薦的作品。本系列主要描述主角波西傑克森發現自己原來是希臘神話中的海神——波塞頓的兒子後,在混血營五年訓練及生活的冒險故事。波西傑克森是十二歲男孩,天生閱讀障礙及注意力不足過動症,遭到多間學校開除學籍。在一次博物館遭到復仇女神襲擊,他的學校同學格羅佛,實際身分是守護者羊男,告知波西的母親一同趕往混血營。當他們開往混血營,卻遭受彌諾陶的襲擊,母親被怪物捉住,化為一陣金光消失,喪母的波西擊敗彌諾陶和格羅佛奮力脫進混血營.

パーシー・ジャクソンとオリンポスの神々』(Percy Jackson & the Olympians)は、アメリカ合衆国の作家リック・リオーダン (Rick Riordan) による、半神半人(デミゴッド)の少年パーシーの活躍を描いたファンタジー小説のシリーズ。ゼウスの稲妻が盗まれ、パーシーに疑いがかかる。真犯人を突き止めて自身に向けられた疑いを晴らすべく、そして誘拐された母を取り戻すべく、パーシーはアナベス、グローバーとともに北米横断の冒険に旅立つ……




Percy Jackson, a 12-year-old boy with dyslexia and ADHD living in New York City. During a school field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see a Greco-Roman exhibit, he stands up to a bully picking on his friend Grover Underwood and “pushes” her into a nearby fountain. One of the chaperoning teachers, a pre-algebra teacher named Mrs. Dodds, takes him away from the other students, presumably to give him his punishment. Instead, Percy is shocked when she transforms into one of the three Furies of Greek myth and attacks him. The other chaperone, a Latin teacher named Mr. Brunner, suddenly appears and throws Percy a pen that changes into a strange sword. Percy instinctively swings at the monster in front of him, and she turns to dust and disappears. When Percy returns to the rest of the students, he discovers that not only do they have no idea what happened inside the museum, they also do not remember having a teacher named Mrs. Dodds. Over the course of the school year, Percy almost convinces himself that it was all a hallucination, except that his friend Grover seems to be hiding something whenever the subject is brought up. A few days before the end of school he overhears Grover and Mr. Brunner talking about him, Mrs. Dodds, and a stolen item of great importance—which only serves to confirm his suspicions……






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